01 What is ERC-721 token standards?

ERC-721 is an ethereum based token token standard that allows the digital representation of unique collectibles in the form of NFTs. This non-fungible token creates intrinsic asset value for your unique collectibles that can be sold for millions of dollars.

02 What is minting an NFT?

The process of creating digitally represented unique assets into NFTs called minting.

03 Can I create an NFT without putting it on sale?

Yes, you can and its completely your choice to list for selling or not.

04 Can I change the price of an already created NFT?

Yes , you can change the price of your NFT at any time with the signature through your integrated wallet.

05 Can I gift or send a collectible to someone?

Yes, you can send or gift your NFT to anyone just by clicking "Transfer" button with a correct address.

06 What does “burning a token” mean?

The ERC-721 standard also allows to destroy the NFTs which is called burning.

07 Do you have integration of other marketplaces?

Yes, you can purchase NFT from any popular NFT marketplaces like opensea , rarible which is integrated to our platform.

08 What is unlockable tokens?

As a content creator, you can add unlockable content to your collectibles, that can be visible only after the transfer of ownership. This supports creators to include high res files and messages etc.

09 How does the royalty work?

When the user creates a collectible the user can set a certain percentage as royalty for secondary sales. This allows the creators to earn revenue for each transaction of their NFTs.

10 Can I report an artwork or collectible?

Yes, you can report a collectible if it represents the same asset as yours, or any other issue which you may find. Remember that owning an NFT allows you the right over the digital file, but not the copyright thereof.

11 What is verification?

Verified badges are granted to creators and collectors that show the proof of authenticity and active dedication to the marketplace.

12 How to get a "verified" badge? (depends platform)

You need to submit the following details:

  • Filled-in profile on our marketplace: user photo or avatar + cover + custom link
  • Links to at least 2 social media profiles. Active social media profiles would be required.
  • Behind the scenes/work in progress.
    If you're a creator, show us the creation of the work process and thoughts on one of the minted items. We verify your purchased NFTs if you are a collector.
  • Share the story behind your account
    Tell us about yourself. Your collectibles, concept of your creations etc.
  • To get verified, mint and share an NFT on Instgram or Twitter and tag us with your original account.
13 What gives an NFT value?

NFTs impose digital scarcity on the internet through a digital platform being the blockchain, therefore giving the asset value due to the tied ownership. As the world continues to digitize, anything you make, even if it took time and resources to make, as soon as you put that creation on the internet the price goes to zero because the cost of reproducing it is zero, simply because anyone can download it with no ownership and originality attached to it. However, NFTs attach proven ownership and originality to digital items to provide digital scarcity in an ledger without scarcity, through the proven authenticity of the blockchain. This way you can benefit from the free open internet and still reap the benefit attached to your work.

14 Why should I mint an NFT?

NFTs give creators a unique way to monetize their work and creation, such that they can benefit from direct sales to their fan base and still have a strong connection to the artworks, such that it can be traced back to them, no matter how many times it resells. The simple fact that your work will always be tied to you in creation and royalty is a big innovation in the creative industry.

15 What makes it unique ?

The uniqueness of an NFT is received through the Ethereum blockchain which attaches a unique token ID to the digital asset, and stores it on the blockchain, which is immutable (can never be altered).